First impression is everything.

Hello everyone!

Well, I’ll start with a proper introduction.

My name is Natasa. I’m 21 years old and live in a small village called Ulotina (Montenegro). I moved to Montenegro 2 years ago because of the love of my life, my dear husband. I’m born in Antwerp (Belgium) and raised there. I finished high school and my first year at college. I live together with my hubby in our lovely house and enjoy life at his fullest.

The reason I started this blog is because I’ve played with the idea for quiet a long time. I like to read blogs, especially the one’s that discuss fashion, so I made the decision to start one on my own. Well, it took a long time until I made the decision but here I am, finally!

What can you expect of this blog? Well, a lot. I will give my person opinion on articles/pictures/products/… that I see on the Internet or in magazines, tell you about situations that are happening to me in real life, post pictures that mean something to me, etc.

I’m not a professional blogger, the only “blog” I ever had were the diaries I wrote when I was younger (I still have them and they are hilarious!). So I’m new and any critics/tips/compliments are welcome.

My blogs will be in 3 languages: English, Dutch or Serbian. It will depend of the theme or reason why I write. You’ll notice that English is NOT my native language but I’ll try to write as correctly as possible.

Welcome to my blog and see you soon!



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