True friendship.


So here I’m sitting, on my couch, browsing the Internet.

Lately, I’ve got addicted to posting quotes on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If I see a inspirational quote, you can be sure I’ll post it. The one I like the most are fashion/style quotes. I just love those wise words from style-icons or people that are influential in the fashion industry. But lately, quotes from other categories got my attention: about life, friendship,state of mind,etc.

So today, I’m surfing on the Internet and I find this site, an English site with quotes from famous people. You name it, they have it. I gave it a try and browsed through the site. I chose to browse by topics and chose “friendship”. And BAM! Here I found this quote from Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a statesman.

Quote Lucius Annaeus Seneca

A simple, but powerful quote. Something I try to respect and apply in my life. It’s one of the anchors of true friendship. I have the feeling that, in these modern times, we often forget that.

I have one true friend, my best friend, E. I know here now for 7-8 years. We’re best friends for 5-6 years. I can count our fights on one hand. She’s always there for me, no matter what. And I’m always there for her, no matter what. You might think: what’s unusual about that? Well, I’ll tell you about a situation that happens the other day ..

A few days ago, she send me a text message if I could come on Skype. I told her that I had visit but that we could talk tomorrow. She sends me that she had a crisis but that she would tell me tomorrow. I rushed on Skype and called her. She told me that her grandfather was in the hospital, that she was worried, that in that same period last year her grandmother also was in the hospital (she died 10 days later) and that she was scared. I felt so sorry for her, I just wished I could take this pain away. I was there to understand her.

A couple of days later, I send her a message on Facebook to check up on her. She wasn’t feeling good. So we talked for a while and she went to sleep. Again, I was there to understand her.

When I moved to Montenegro 3 years ago, she understood me. It was very hard because we knew we would be far away one from another (she lives in Belgium). The first year was very hard for both of us and she had difficulties to accept my choice. But, she understood me. She knew the reason and saw that I was happy with the love of my life.

After 2 years, she came to visit me on summer vacation in July. And we talked, and talked, and laughed for those 7 days she was with me. We were reunited, we were together and we were there to understand each other. At that moment I realized that this friendship with her is true, that even when I moved far away she still was here, by my side, in good and bad times. When I saw this quote, I immediately thought of her and all the years we’ve been best friends.

I just felt the need to write about this and I hope you’ll find yourself in this quote.

See you soon!



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