Key pieces for Spring 2015 – My favorites.

Hello everyone!

How’s everyone today? 🙂 I hope you all have a fantastic day and enjoying life at his fullest.

I’m completely into fashion, which you’ll see through my posts. A couple of days ago, I was cruising on the Internet and stumbled on the H&M site. I’m totally obsessed with everything from H&M, which you can see on my Instagram. I found this segment called “The key pieces – Spring 2015”. I love clothes in general,  but the warmer season get my preference (spring and summer). So I looked at this segment on their site and noticed some nice pieces that I wanted to share with you guys. Hopefully I will inspire all of you who already didn’t buy some pieces for the Spring.

Long Shirt Blouse, H&M - € 19,99
Long Shirt Blouse, H&M – € 19,99

It’s a basic, but a musthave. I’m planning on buying on because a blouse like that is something you can combine endlessly.

Salopette, H&M - € 39,99
Salopette, H&M – € 39,99

I’m in love with this one. When I was a kid, I had one in jeans and my mom told me I loved to wear it. I’m hoping to find this one because I love the model and the color black suits with everything.

Girlfriend jeans, H&M - € 39,99
Girlfriend jeans, H&M – € 39,99

I love this model of jeans. I have a model like that, only a little bit darker without the torn parts from the New Yorker. It’s a very comfy model and you can wear it casual but also chique. I would wear this one with the long shirt blouse, a waistcoat, white sneakers and the black bag (see last picture).

Waistcoat, H&M - € 19,99
Waistcoat, H&M – € 19,99

I adore this one. It’s simple (as the other pieces here) but yet effective and classy. It looks very comfy, what’s very important to me. You can wear it with a casual outfit at daytime or over a dress at nighttime. A basic you really need in your closet.

Sneakers, H&M - € 24,99
Sneakers, H&M – € 24,99

I’m an all-time sneakers lover. You can’t do anything wrong when you wear them, they’re supercomfy and you can combine them with a casual outfit but also a more classy/chique outfit. This model is simple, but I like them a lot. Very clean, with a little golden detail, perfect for day and night.

Bag, H&M - € 9,99
Bag, H&M – € 9,99

I’m a bagaddict so it was time to include some bags in my post. I love this model because it’s simple but very chique. You can wear it on your shoulder or as a cross-over bag.

So, this were some of my favorite pieces from this collection. I hope I can find some of them so my mom can buy them (because yes, it’s true: we don’t have a H&M store in Montenegro 😦 OPEN ONE PLEEAASEEE!!) and send it to me. If I get them. you’ll surely see them on Instagram 😉

If you are interested, then visit the H&M page:

Until the next fashion blogpost!

See you soon!



2 gedachtes over “Key pieces for Spring 2015 – My favorites.

  1. Hi! Ik wist niet dat jij een blog had! En dan nog in het Engels.. Leuk! Ik blog via Blogger, omdat ik de overstap naar WordPress niet meer durf te maken, hihi. Ben je tevreden over WordPress? xx (het rare is dat ik moeilijk kan reageren..)

    Liked by 1 persoon

    1. Wel, het is iets nieuws dat ik wou proberen 🙂 Ik speelde al een tijdje met het idee. Buiten het Engels post ik ook in het Nederlands en Servisch 🙂 Ik ben enorm tevreden over WordPress: gemakkelijk te gebruiken, veel opties, .. Ik wou ook eerst op Blogger beginnen, maar toen kwam ik WordPress tegen en het sprak mij meer aan 🙂 Xx


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