Valentine’s Day: Outfit ideas.

Hello everyone!

Another day, another post!

I’ve already wrote a post about Valentine’s Day (gift ideas), but I felt the need to write another one on this theme.

Today’s post is about outfit ideas. Every girl has this crisis moment: your man (to be) asks you out, but you don’t know what to wear. So 15 minutes before you leave, you’re hysterically throwing clothes all over the place.

So I’m your savior ladies! I’ve put some outfits together from stuff that I found in my two favorite shops: H&M and New Look. I hope some of you will find some inspiration, or otherwise just enjoy these combinations and maybe you’ll get some shoppingideas 🙂

Outfit 1

Outfit 1: Romantic.
The whole outfit comes from New Look. This one is for a dinner in a relaxed restaurant, like a pizzeria or to go to a cocktailbar. I really like this one and I would wear it at daytime.
Skirt: 24,99 €
Knit sweater: 22,99 €
Fold over clutch: 11,99 €
Slipper shoes: 22,99 €

Outfit 2

Outfit 2: Casual.
A casual outfit which you can wear basically everywhere. You can wear it to a cafe, to the cinema, to go out to have dinner, to go out in a club,to hang out at your/his place, … It’s a very normal combination, with one flashy detail: the t-shirt. This outfit comes from H&M.
Leather pants: € 19,99
T-shirt: € 9,99
Bag: € 24,99
Boots: € 29,99

Outfit 3

Oufit 3: Chique.
A fancy outfit for fancy occasions. I would wear this to have dinner in a fancy restaurant, to go out in a club or for a romantic dinner at home. Why this last one? Well ladies, you have to impress your man 😉 And this outfit is just breathtaking.
Dress,H&M: € 29,99
Bag,New Look: 29,99 €
Coat,H&M: € 59,99
Heels,New Look: 24,99 €

Outfit 4

Oufit 4: Cosy.
This one is for the ladies who have no plans for Valentine’s Day, having a girlsnight at home or celebrating Valentine’s Day at home with their hubby. Very comfy outfit, looks cute and most of all: it’s warm 🙂 Because it’s still Winter and when you’re single, then you need your clothes to warm you because the lack of a boyfriend 🙂 The blue shirt is additional, it’s possible to only wear the grey one. The whole outfit comes from New Look.
Blue shirt: 17,99 €
Grey shirt: 14,99 €
Pajama pants: 11,99 €
Slipper boots: 7,50 €

These were my outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day. I hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

Until the next post,

See you soon!



2 gedachtes over “Valentine’s Day: Outfit ideas.

  1. Welke outfit doe jij je aan? 🙂 Ik ga ’s morgens ontbijtmanden ronddragen, dus dan doe ik iets comfy maar toch deftig aan. En daarna.. Ik verwacht dat ik het grootste deel van de dag alleen thuis zit eigenlijk.. 😉

    Liked by 1 persoon

    1. Op Valentijnsdag is het hier ook Allerheiligen (I know, echt tof) dus overdag waarschijnlijk iets soberder: jeans,laarzen, trui en een warme jas 🙂 s’Avonds gaan we, hopelijk, uit eten dus doe ik laarzen met een hak aan en een iets mooiere blouse met mijn fake bontjas 🙂 Hehe 🙂 Wel, moest het zijn dat ik nergens naartoe ga s’avonds dan zit ik in mijn joggingbroek en trui gewoon op de zetel 🙂


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