New York Fashion Week – Michael Kors Fall 2015.

Hello everyone!

I’m back, AGAIN! Sorry for my absence these past days, but I wasn’t feeling very well so I didn’t had the energy to write, or even life. I’m a little bit better now, but it’s not for the full 100 percent.

But, enough explanations, let’s start with today’s post. As I already wrote about New York Fashion Week (Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2015 collection), today I’ll tell you something more about Michael Kors and his Fall 2015 collection.

Michael Kors presented his collection on this years NYFW on the 18th of February. To be honest, I looked forward to this because I really like his creations. I started to explore him when I saw some of his creations on the Internet. So I liked his page on Instagram,Facebook and Twitter. He has some amazing collections and this one is no exception.

The Fall 2015 collection is, for my opinion, a very wearable collection. Say what? I mean by that that it is a collection you can wear on a daily basis. You have pieces you can definitely wear to work but also pieces that are for classy events. They are calm, classy but at the same time they’ve got their own charm.

And now it’s daydreamtime. Here are my favorite looks!

Michael Kors NYFW Fall 2015

Michael Kors NYFW Fall 2015

Michael Kors NYFW Fall 2015

Michael Kors NYFW Fall 2015

Michael Kors NYFW Fall 2015

Michael Kors NYFW Fall 2015

If you’re tickled by my favorites, click here to see the full gallery.

Until the next post,

See you soon!



2 gedachtes over “New York Fashion Week – Michael Kors Fall 2015.

    1. Inderdaad, echt zonde dat iedereen er mee rondloopt .. Ik ben ook meer een persoon van “ik wil dit hebben & niemand anders” 😀 Unieke stuks zijn mijn ding 🙂 En dat is met een enorm plezier gedaan 😉


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