London Fashion Week – Huishan Zhang.

Hello everyone!

Another report about London Fashion Week!

Today I’m writing about Huishan Zhang’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, showed on LFW on Monday 23rd of February.

I didn’t know this designer, so I red the information that is available on the official site of LFW. During his time as a student, he worked for a year at Dior. He started his own label right after he graduated.

I clicked on the pictures from this collection out of pure curiosity. I cruised a little bit on the official site because I was interested in other collections, so I thought: “Why shouldn’t I check them all?” And I did.

I like this collection because of his peaceful energy. Say what?! It’s just rest for my eyes. There is some color present (blue,red,white) but also dark colors such as black,beige and silver. And the creations are simple, but yet impressive.

And now it’s time for .. MY FAVORITE ONES! Enjoy! 🙂

Huishan Zhang A/W 2015Huishan Zhang A/W 2015Huishan Zhang A/W 2015Huishan Zhang A/W 2015Huishan Zhang A/W 2015Huishan Zhang A/W 2015If you want to check out the full gallery, click here.

So, this was another post about London Fashion Week. See you next time!

Until the next post,

See you soon!



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