Review – H&M Loves Coachella.

Hello everyone!

Back on track with a new post today!

A few days ago, the H&M newsletter dropped in my mailbox. I saw that the H&M Loves Coachella line is available in selected stores since the 26th of March. So, curious as I was, I opened the link to check out this collection. And I immediately liked it. When you open the page, a nice tune comes out of your speakers and when you see the collection, you automatically wish it was Summer. At least, that’s how I feel. 🙂

I’ve selected for you some of my favorite pieces from this collection. You can check out your local H&M store to see if it’s available there or try to shop online. Enjoy!

                   Dress, € 14,99
                     Skirt, € 14,99
buikketting,hangertjes,belly chain, pendants, coachella,H&M
     Belly chain with pendants, € 7,99
              Hairaccessory, € 3,99
               Lace dress, € 19,99
kimono, coachella,h&m
                 Kimono, € 19,99

If you are interested in the entire collection, click here. This collection has also a men line.

I’m really in love with this pieces. They’re just so relaxed and make me feel good 🙂

What do you think about this collection?

Until the next post,

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