Review – H&M Spring Fashion

Hello everyone!

Here I am with another H&M review!

Today’s review is about their new Spring Collection. I’ve got their newsletter a few days ago and I was curious about this collection. Their description for this collection? “Nice bohemian materials for a new season with urban flair.” Sounds very spring-y to me!

I noticed that my eyes were more interested in the accessories then for clothes. There are some pieces that I like, but not it’s not like I want to have them. They’re just .. Nice. The accessories, that’s another story. So I decided to do it this time a little bit different and share with you my favorite accessories from this collection! No clothes this time! Enjoy and get in the accessory mood!

                   Pouch, € 34,99
                  Earrings, € 7,99
       Bag with suede details, € 49,99
                  Necklace, € 6,99
                   Earrings, € 7,99

If you are interested in this collection and want to check it out? Click here.

I’m definitely in the mood to wear some earrings! Ha, what windowshopping can do with a woman ..

Which accessory do you wear the most?

Until the next post,

See you soon!



9 gedachtes over “Review – H&M Spring Fashion

    1. Hehe 🙂 Wel ik heb ook zo van die aanvallen waar ik bepaalde zaken plots ineens wil dragen, ook al zit ik gewoon thuis in de zetel 🙂 En na het winkelen is dat compleet normaal hoor hehe 🙂 x


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