Easter special – Making some desserts.

Hello everyone!

Part two of this Easter special on “Time to live”. Today I’m showing you my skills in the kitchen, to be specific: I’m making some desserts.

I’m not an expert in this. Every time my husband served me another recipe he found on the Internet (and yes, he does that all the time!), I got panic attacks. I had cooking lessons at high school and I will express this gentle: I was a total lost case. After 5 years of cooking lessons every week, I got better but not a masterchef.

And then I got married and we went to live on our own. And my hubby loves desserts. And TADAA problems! After 2,5 years there is much more progression. I’m a little bit calmer when I get another recipe from my husband and I actually take the time to read them. If they look difficult, I don’t try them. It’s as simple as that. But in the last few months, we’ve found some easy ones that are truly delicious. And of course, I’ve tried to make them and guess what? I succeeded!

Enough about my bumpy road in the kitchen, back to business. Easter is tomorrow and as a I posted yesterday an update about how we decorated and dyed our eggs on Good Friday, today I was home alone and in the kitchen making some delicious desserts. I’ve made two of them, one I already made and a new one (!) to get a little bit risky.

Because I made a lot of photos when I was preparing and as kind as I am (taps herself on the shoulder), I decided to make two separated posts of this desserts plus pictures and translated recipe! HURRAAY!

For my English readers, I’ve got some bad news .. The recipes will be translated in Dutch because of my not so strong English language skills. I’m already translating them from Serbian into Dutch and if I have to translate them once again, I will have a mental breakdown. But no worries! You can put this recipe in Google Translate (or any other translation site) and at the end of every recipe I will put a link to a converter site for the weight measurements. Isn’t that sweet of me? 🙂

The first recipe’s name is “Kinder Pinguïn”, like the famous chocolate snack you can buy in the store.
Click here to see the recipe + pictures.
The second recipe’s name is “Raffaello”, like the famous white cocos bonbons you can find in every market.
Click here to see the recipe + pictures.

Make sure to click the links and check out this awesome, delicious desserts because believe me, they truly are! 🙂

A quick update of my day

Of course, I spend most of my time today in the kitchen, but there was also some time to relax. The weather was beautiful today, with a lot of sunshine and a breeze. But that didn’t prevent me from chilling outside. So I ate lunch outside and worked on this post until the sun went down 🙂 Check out my Instagram for the picture!

After all, I’m tired but happy that I survived this episode of “Getting cray cray” in the kitchen.

Tomorrow is Easter! I hope the weather will be the same as today and that I’ll have a nice and relaxed Easter day. Of course, tomorrow night you’ll get an update on how I spend Easter, with pictures of my fancy eggs! 🙂

A quick question: Do you like this Easter special or not? And why? Your feedback means a lot to me!

Until the next post,

See you soon!


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