Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

First of all: Happy Easter to all the people who celebrated this weekend!

Second: Sorry for the late update! I’ve promised you guys in a previous post I would keep you up to date everyday of this Easter, but I was sooo busy and didn’t had the time to even check my e-mails on my phone!

But I’m making it up to you guys and I’ll give you a quick update of the last two days that I’ve been absent on “Time to live”.

As I promised in my first post of this “Easter special”, I’ll show you our own dyed and decorated eggs ..

easter,eggs,egg,jaje,vaskrsTADAA! Aren’t they cute? I’m really proud of the result. In my “Good Friday” post you can read about how we decorated and colored these eggs. And they are delicious! The chocolate bunnies and chickens are from Belgium, my mommy send those to me a while ago and I preserved them for Easter. Note: We ate the bunnies, the chickens are still alive.

How did we spend our day

Easter is all about going to family or neighbors to get together, chit chat and eating eggs and other delicious food.
On Easter day, my hubby and I decided to sleep a little bit longer than we used to. And I can tell you: I enjoyed it! I wake up early every morning to finish all my jobs at house so I can spend the rest of the day on myself, but on Easter the whole day was ours, without any rush or obligations. My mother-in-law invited us for breakfast and after I hesitated a while, I went with my hubby. Why I hesitated? To make a long story short: Me and my mother-in-law aren’t at good terms. Says enough.

After breakfast at my mother-in-law, we went for a walk to his sister’s house. The weather was good, it wasn’t cold and even though the sun wasn’t shining so bright, it was pleasant outside. On our way to her, a neighbor of us saw us and asked us to stop by, which we did. Wanna see?

easter,day,eggs,egg,jaje,vaskrsAs you see, nothing special, but we’ve enjoyed the company. With some eggs and homemade juice we sat outside, talked and laughed. It was nice, but we moved on to my sister-in-law where we ate, besides eggs, also some delicious chicken! 🙂 It was nice, but we had to head home because it was Sunday and I hadn’t spoke to my mommy yet.

While I was talking with my mom on Skype, our close friends with their little boy came by. These friends (husband and wife) were also our witness on our civil wedding in October 2014 and the husband of this couple went to primary and high school with my hubby! We ate dinner together and after a long night of talking, laughing and joking we went satisfied to out bed.

As you see, I wasn’t home a lot so I couldn’t keep you updated the same day. But I hope I made it up to you guys with this quick update.

Tonight I will post a quick update about how we’ve spend second and third Easter day, with again some pictures and a OOTN (Outfit Of The Night).

Keep an eye open!

Until the next post,

See you soon!


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