Review – H&M Conscious Exclusive S/S 2015.

Hello everyone!

After a few days of radio silence, I’m back!
I was worn out after Easter so I decided to take a quick break to load up my batteries. And now I’m ready to be all yours again! 🙂

Yesterday I checked my e-mails and saw that I got the new newsletter from H&M. Yesterday was the launch of their new Conscious collection, “Conscious Exclusive S/S 2015” presented by no one else but Olivia Wilde. WOW! I immediately clicked the link to check this collection out and I’m in love! ♥ Such a nice pieces, a little bit on the expensive side, but it’s worth the money.

So in today’s post I will share with you some of my favorite ones from this collection. Enjoy!

sandalen,sandals,leder,leather,h&m,conscious,olivia wilde
               Leather sandals, € 99
pleated,geplisseerde,chiffon,dress,jurk,h&m,conscious,olivia wilde
        Pleated chiffon dress, € 59,99
dress,jurk,borduursel,embroidery,conscious,h&m,olivia wilde
       Dress with embroidery, € 59,99
scarf,sjaal,wolmix,woolmix,conscious,h&m,olivia wilde
      Scarf made from lyocell/woolmix,                               €39,99
dress,jurk,chiffon,volants,conscious.h&m,olivia wilde
         Dress made of chiffon, € 99
draped,silk,blouse,gedrappeerd,zijde,h&m,conscious,olivia wilde
           Draped silk blouse, € 79,99

Of course, there are more pieces in this collection that I like, but these spoke to me immediately. If you want to check out the full collection and want to know more about this line, click here.

I found out that this collection isn’t available at Belgium (HUH?!), but it is in The Netherlands and even in Serbia(!).

What do you think about this collection? And if you have the opportunity to pick something out, what would it be?

Until the next post,

See you soon!


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