Style inspiration – Ellie Goulding.

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While I’m writing this post, I’m sitting on my terrace and enjoying the sun YES!

A new kind of post about fashion that you haven’t seen yet on Time to live: Style inspiration. What’s it all about? A while ago a friend of mine asked if I could help her with a little fashion problem. She’s a huge fan of Ellie Goulding, especially her style. So she asked me if I could put some outfits together that she could buy in the stores that Ellie would wear. Seemed like a nice challenge for a fashionista like me! So I thought: “Why shouldn’t I make a post about it? Or even better: maybe a new category?”…

So today our inspiration is Ellie Goulding. A very pretty young woman, with a career that’s booming. She has a voice like an angel, is very pretty and has a style to make you jealous. So I searched a little bit on Pinterest, her Instagram and the Internet itself to find some nice pictures of her and based on that to find similar pieces in retail-clothing companies and put together some nice outfits.

Outfit 1 – Dress to impress

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding Outfit 1
                     Belt, New Look – €7,99 Dress, New Look – €14,99 Heels, New Look – €34,99

A very nice outfit for a night out or a cocktail. If you’re not comfortable with those heels, you can always replace them with ballerina’s or sandals or even some nice Converse sneakers. I really like this one because it’s so simple, but yet it gives the other people in the room a nice first impression of you.

Outfit 2 – A night out


                                                         Blouse, H&M – € 19,99
                                                         Leggings, ASOS – €24.66
                                                         Pumps, H&M – € 34,99

Simple but comfy and elegant outfit for a night out. She just looks gorgeous in this outfit and she doesn’t even wear any jewelry! Of course, you can always add a nice blazer or some accessories, but that’s your own choice.

Outfit 3 – On the road


                                                          Beanie, New Look – €5,00
                                                          Sweater, H&M – € 14,99
                                                          Legging, H&M – € 14,99
                                                          Boots, Timberland – €219.17

When you’re travelling somewhere, there are 2 thoughts on your mind: you want to be comfy but yet stylish. And Ellie combines those two perfectly. If you aren’t into wearing leggings, you can always replace them with a pair of skinny jeans. Those boots can be replaced by a pair of sneakers.

Outfit 4 – Ready for a festival

Ellie Goulding 4

                                                 Bralette, Urban Outfitters – €32
                                                 Shorts, River Island – €35.00
                                                 Boots, River Island – €45.00
                                                 Sunglasses, New Look – €6,99

Outfit 5 – Going to the gym


                    Top, Nike Pro – €27,99 Leggings, Nike – €35 Sneakers, Nike Free TR 5 – €155

If you follow her Instagram account, you’ll see that Ellie lives a healthy life besides the fact that she’s touring all the time. When she has a free moment, you can find her in the gym. In her new campaign for Nike, she shows her athletic talent and shows the new clothing line from Nike with leggings and tops, perfect for a couple of hours in the gym.

Here you are: 5 outfits inspired by Ellie Goulding. I could go on and on and find another 100 outfits, but I think this is enough for now 🙂 I hope you get inspired by this lovely young woman and go straight shopping.

What do you think of Ellie Goulding as a style icon? Do you love her style?

Until the next post,

See you soon!



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