It’s time for sandals!

Hello everyone!

We’re in the middle of Spring season and Summer is behind the corner. And that means one thing: Sandals season is coming!

I love to wear sandals a lot. They are comfy, you can wear them with everything and hey: you can finally show your toenails painted in fancy colors! I have a lot of sandals and I can’t wait until the good weather begins to wear them all the time.

But hey: A lady never has enough sandals 🙂 So why shouldn’t we start doing some window-shopping to get some inspiration? Here are some of my suggestions (a.k.a. items from my wishlist ha!).

sandals,wedges,new look
New Look, €29,99
sandals,wedges,sandalen,new look
New Look, €29,99
H&M, € 14,99
River Island, €40.00
River Island, €50.00
Tommy Hilfiger via Torfs, € 89.95

Oh god, I want more sandals! I’m totally in love with each of them. Blogging isn’t very good for my shopping addiction ..

Do you wear sandals?

Until the next post,

See you soon!



5 thoughts on “It’s time for sandals!

  1. Ik heb sandalen van Kipling, zo Birkenstock-achtig. En teva’s heb ik ook. Ik dacht ergens ver weg nog mooie gekledere te hebben, maar met de verhuizen van afgelopen jaar weet ik niet meer waar! 😀

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