Antwerp, I’m coming home again.

Hello everyone!

Yes, it is. After 3 years. My time has come.

I’m going to my birth country, to my hometown, after 3 years. I’ve already announced it on my personal Facebook page, but I couldn’t keep it together so I had to share this wonderful news with you guys.

After 3 years, I’m going to Belgium. I left the country on the 9th of July, 2012. And now, on the 14th of May, 2015 I’m heading over there. I’m staying there 2 months and will head back to Montenegro in July.

If you follow my blog, you’ll understand that this trip is a dream come true. I’ve missed my hometown Antwerp a lot. My family and friends are there. After 3 long years, I will be able to give my mom a hug. To hug my brother. The thought of that already makes me cry.

So, my countdown is starting today. I payed my ticket today and next week I’ll already be in Belgium. It just feels so surrealistic to me. Like I’m dreaming.

Through the years, every time when I thought about going home, this song always popped up in my head. I wanted to share it with you guys, just because I’m feeling like I’m in trans.

Until the next post,

See you soon!



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