H&M Home – Cosy bed.

Hello everyone!

A new home article, of course from H&M. I think you all know by now that I’m slightly addicted to the home section at H&M and if I could I would buy everything for my house there. But that is, unfortunately, impossible .. *sheds a tear*

But, we can still dream! And that’s what I’m doing in today’s post.
I love to sleep. I can’t wait till it’s night to lay down on my pillow, underneath my blanket, against my husband to sail away in my dreams.
I also love a cosy bedroom. I just find it right that a bedroom is cosy, warm and most of all: a oase of rest and peace. So it’s very important to have a good mattress, a nice pillow and a comfy blanket. But what I also find important is: nice sheets. After all, it’s all about esthetics and I want my room to look nice, even if I’m not there all day.

So I looked a little bit around online at the H&M webshop and found some very nice sheets which I would definitely buy for my own bedroom. You never have enough sheets, so I selected some of my favorites one which I share with you guys today. And if you get inspired: no need for thank you, you’re welcome 🙂

          Sheets, € 39,99
             Sheets, € 49,99
         Pillowcase, € 7,99
           Sheets, € 27,99
           Sheets, € 39,99
           Pillowcase, € 7,99
             Sheets, € 39,99

If you’re interested in what there’s more to offer from this section, click here.

Well, now that I talked so much about sleeping, I really got sleepy. So, goodnight y’all!

How is your bedroom decorated? Would you redecorate it if you could?

Until the next post,

See you soon!



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