Buy a whole summer outfit under €50.

Hello everyone!

A new budget friendly post because yes we like them!

Not everyone has money surplus to go wild while shopping. I’m surely one of them. I love to spoil myself sometime with some more expensive stuff (not like Dior or YSL but more River Island or Urban Outfitters) but most of the time I have to look after my budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look absolutely fabulous!

One of my favorite retailers for this kind of shopping is H&M. They have so much fancy clothes and most important of all: they aren’t expensive at all. And because summer is around the corner, it’s time to get some amazing new summer clothes! God, sun isn’t good for me, I always want to go out and shop a ton of nice clothes for the warm weather 🙂

So I thought it would be a nice idea to put some outfits together who aren’t expensive at all. My goal is to stay under €50 for a whole outfit, which I find very tricky. Sometimes a nice dress costs already €40, so sometimes you don’t have enough to buy a complete outfit. Am I going to succeed? Keep on reading!

Outfit 1

                                                                      T-shirt, € 9,99
                                                                      Short, € 9,99
                                                                      Mocassins, € 19,99
                                                                      Shoulder bag, € 9,99

Total cost: €49,96

A nice girly outfit for a shopping day or to go get a drink on a terrace. If it’s a little bit too bare, you can always wear a cardigan over the T-shirt, but that’s your choice.

Outfit 2

                                                                    Dress, € 14,99
                                                                    Ballerina’s, € 12,99
                                                                    Bag, € 9,99

Total cost: €37,97

Another comfy outfit, ideal for a nice day at the city or even for a festival.

Outfit 3

                                                                        Hat, € 9,99
                                                                        Top, € 7,99
                                                                        Pants, € 7,49
                                                                        Sneakers, € 5,99

Total cost: €31,46

Comfy and ideal for a festival. Need to say more?

Outfit 4

                                                                     Kimono, € 14,99
                                                                     Slippers, € 9,99
                                                                     Bikini top, € 14,99
                                                                     Bikini slip, € 9,99

Total cost: €49,96

Summer is around the corner and that means one thing: going to the beach! So a nice bikini couldn’t lack this post.

I achieved my goal, YES! All these outfits are under €50 and that’s what we like about H&M! They are simple, but yet effective. And you always have some nice accessories at home that you can use to update these outfits.
I hope I’ve got you all inspired and get some pieces from my picks 🙂

Do you practice budget shopping? And how much is your average shopping budget?

Until the next post,

See you soon!


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