How to upgrade your summer style by H&M.

Hello everyone!

A new post with of course: a summer vibe!

First of all: Sorry for my absence. But I had a lot on my plate these days, good and bad, so I just hadn’t the time or energy to work on my little treasure (a.k.a. my blog). But, I’m back now!

A few days ago, a new H&M newsletter landed in my mailbox. And when I see that, I immediately have to open and check it OF COURSE! 🙂
And as always, they never disappoint me ..

H&M putted some pieces together to create 6 ways how to pimp (oh yes, I just used this word) your summer style. Think: short shorts, stripes, flowers and so on. And I liked their choice immediately! They named it “6 ways to summer style”, which I found a perfect title for this choice.

And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share my favorite items of this style guide by H&M. So lay back, relax and enjoy this summer vibe!

              Dress, € 9,99
             Blouse, € 9,99
         Jumpsuit, € 14,99
      Denim short, € 19,99
              Top, € 19,99
             Dress, € 29,99
            Blouse, € 9,99

If you are interested in their complete selection, click here.

And as always, now I wanna go shopping! Do you have the same feeling or do I have a shopping addiction?

How did you upgrade/going to upgrade your summer style?

Until the next post,

See you soon!



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