Back to basic.

Hello everyone!

A new interior article for today!

I’m a person who really likes to buy stuff that have a special touch. It doesn’t matter if it is clothes, accessories, shoes, interior pieces/decoration .. I’ve always been like that and I think it won’t change soon.

But, time goes by and so does a person change. And yes, something happened. Something I thought that never would happen to me. The title said it all: I went back to basic.

What does that mean? Well, a while ago, the newsletter from H&M dropped down in my mailbox. And as we all know, ME LIKEY THOSE NEWSLETTERS.
In this newsletter, I saw that H&M had a new collection added to their amazing home departement: the basic collection.

So I thought: “Why shouldn’t I give it a try and browse through it?” So I did it. And I’m a new person. Such a nice things! And most of all: with basic stuff you can make endless combinations and every time create something new.
I found some nice pieces to share today, enjoy! 🙂

            Sheets, € 59,99
              Towel, € 4,99
       Pillow slipcover, € 3,99
             Carpet, € 17,99
      Shower curtain, € 14,99
         Set guest towels, € 4,99

As you can see, I chose some pieces for the bedroom in one color: grey. I’m totally in love with this color to use in your home and I’m planning on painting our walls in our living room in this color.

If you want to check out which other pieces you can shop from this collection, click here.

Which color did you use to paint your bedroom?

Until the next post,

See you soon!


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