Sincerely Jules x H&M.

Hello everyone!

A new H&M tinted article because yes, I love them!

A while ago (alright, I’ll admit: a long while) a very interesting newsletter from H&M dropped in my inbox. A fotoshoot with Sincerely Jules in H&M clothes. There’s only one word for that: Heaven.

If you are a little bit into blogging and fashion, you all know who Sincerely Jules is. And if don’t: SHAME ON YOU! Because I’m such a good girl, I’ll give you a quick update. In 2009, Julie Sarinana started her own space on the internet called “Sincerely Jules”. Since then, she became a pioneer in the blog community and every fashion addict follows her on social media. She has an amazing blog, amazing style and an amazing personality.

As a true fashionista and blogger, I jumped up and down when I saw this newsletter and immediately clicked the link. And I wasn’t disappointed at all! She made some amazing combo’s and you just saw that she has an amazing sense for style (but I already knew that, no surprise). I scrolled through it and saw some amazing pieces that I really reaaaally like (and of course I want them!)

So, as you can guess, in today’s post I’m sharing my favorite pieces from this little colab. Enjoy!

sweater,trui,fijngebreid,sincerely jules,h&m
Sweater, € 9,99
short,keper,twill,sincerely jules, h&m
Short made of twill, € 14,99
schoudertas,shoulderbag,h&m,sincerely jules
Shoulderbag, € 24,99
jurk,dress,h&m,sincerely jules
             Dress, € 19,99
Bracelets, € 6,99
Lace dress, € 29,99
Suede ankel boots, € 59,99

If you are interested in what she picked out more, click here.

And I already have one piece of this little list and that’s the black short 🙂 It’s the first short that I bought since I lost some extra pounds and to be honest: I look absolutely fabulous in it! It’s a very easy material to wear during the hot summer days and you can combine it endlessly.

Make sure to visit her blog and follow her on social media. I’m following her for a long time and she’s just amazing!

Do you know Sincerely Jules and her work?

Until the next post,

See you soon!


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