Review – H&M x Balmain.

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, but your lovely H&M addict is back! And I’m completely excited about this article.

Like every year, H&M invited a designer to make a collection for H&M. And this year it’s one of my favorite designers: Balmain. And I am beyond excited. Words can’t describe how I felt when H&M published that they were collaborating with Balmain for this year’s designer collection.

Olivier Rousteing, Creative director at Balmain, created an amazing collection for H&M that’s so wearable. To be honest: it’s been a while since H&M picked a designer that created a collection like this. I browsed the entire collection (there’s a male and female part) and I came to the conclusion that I would buy half of the collection (if I had won the lottery a few days ago). But, I’m not a millionaire and unfortunately, I don’t live in a country where there’s a H&M store (by the way H&M, I live in Montenegro and I adore you guys, so please open one here!) so I could only browse the entire collection and dream about what would I buy. The collection is available since yesterday (5th of November) but most of the items are sold out. And yes, it was a difficult day for me yesterday so I went out of the house because otherwise I would totally go cray-cray over the fact that I wasn’t able to shop anything from this collection ..

You all know I like to share my favorite items and this time it isn’t different. So get a glass of champagne (Yes, I’m in that kind of mood), relax and enjoy this magnificent collection!

Blazer made of wool, € 99,00
  Sandals, € 149,00
Velvet dress, € 449,00
T-shirt, € 29,99
Sunglasses, € 39,99
 Dress, € 59,99
Top, € 129,00
Silk blouse, € 99,00
      Turtleneck, € 49,99

It was a really tough choice because there are more items that I really like. But if I start putting them all in one post, it would take an eternity to read it 🙂
If you’re interested in the entire collection, click here to browse.

What do you think of this collaboration?

Until the next post,

See you soon!