London Fashion Week – PPQ.

Hello everyone!

Here I am with my first post on London Fashion Week!

I’m superexcited about this one, because it’s about a designer that I’ve never heard about. How did I find them? Well, I was cruisin’ on the official site for London Fashion Week and I checked out the pictures of day one. There wasn’t a single collection that really made me stop until I saw the PPQ collection. I started to look at the pictures and do some research ..

PPQ is founded by Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker, a young designer duo. They run also a recordlabel, 1234 Records. Their collections are available in Europe, Japan and America.

PPQ showed their collection on LFW the first day, Friday 20th February. The main color in this collection is black. YAY! I love color, don’t get me wrong, but I have a soft spot for all black combinations. Why? Because you look so sexy, but a little bit dangerous at the same time.

Of course, Time to live wouldn’t be Time to live if I didn’t pick some of my favorites to share with you guys! Enjoy!

PPQ LFW Autumn/Winter 2015PPQ LFW Autumn/Winter 2015PPQ LFW Autumn/Winter 2015PPQ LFW Autumn/Winter 2015PPQ LFW Autumn/Winter 2015PPQ LFW Autumn/Winter 2015If you want to check out the full gallery, click here.

So, these are my favorites from this collection. I’m surely going to follow this designer a little better, so hopefully I’ll get to see them a little bit more on the runway.

Because London Fashion Week is ending tomorrow, I’m going to report about the last few days. I haven’t been able to post at the time because I’m ill, and when you’re ill you just don’t have the energy to sit behind your laptop. I hope guys you understand 🙂

Until the next post,

See you soon!